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Recommendation Rate of 95% – First Place in the Functional Scope

InfoZoom to Score Top Rankings in BARC Data Management Survey 20

InfoZoom facilitates the daily processing of data. In the BARC Data Management Survey 20, the users award the data quality management system with very good grades.

Bonn, 2020-09-29 – InfoZoom has scored four top rankings in the BARC Data Management Survey 20 user survey within the "Data management products" peer group and hence positioned itself four times as a leader within this group. InfoZoom ranks first in the fields of functionality, performance, platform reliability, and recommendation. It also scored a leading rank in the categories "Developer efficiency", "Innovation power", "Support quality", and "Production satisfaction".

"The overall analysis shows that InfoZoom has been rated better than average in all KPIs," state the BARC analysts responsible for the study. "The most striking characteristics of the solution include performance and reliability. Companies name a high performance as a basic requirement where data analysis is concerned. The users are completely satisfied with the functionality of the tool and award the highest score, 10."

Data Profiling, Data Quality Management and Ad Hoc Analyses

humanIT's portfolio comprises three integrated products: InfoZoom Desktop as desktop version, InfoZoom Anywhere as Web client/server-based solution, and InfoZoom Data Quality Control (IZDQ). InfoZoom supports specialists in ad hoc analyses, data monitoring and data profiling. IZDQ allows for data quality management with extensive sets of rules and integrates the profiling functions of InfoZoom. InfoZoom Anywhere can be used for data quality reporting. The results of the BARC survey show that the users use IZDQ only in combination with InfoZoom.

In order for information to be understood at one glance, InfoZoom imports the data into the main memory and summarizes the specifications of attributes in one line. This enables the user to identify wrong values and to adjust them immediately. Users can freely navigate aggregated values. The unlimited filtering function helps with the first profiling. IZDQ provides detailed rules for data quality.

The Data Management Survey examines the three InfoZoom products as data quality tools. "56% of the users apply this tool for master/reference data management even if InfoZoom is not a master data management solution in the classical sense," write the BARC analysts. 36% use it for data stewardship/data quality management. The frequent nomination of self-service analytics, data preparation, and data discovery with more than 40% emphasizes that InfoZoom is an easily operable analysis tool for ad hoc analyses. 38% of respondents use the solution for data virtualization.

Among the First Ranks for All Relevant KPIs

The analysts use aggregated KPIs to make the results of the BARC Data Management Survey 20 more comprehensible. The focus lies on the KPIs "Developer efficiency", "Innovative power", "Support quality", "Recommendation" and "Production satisfaction". InfoZoom has reached above-average values in these categories.

The "Developer efficiency" KPI shows how users grade the tool regarding adaptability. InfoZoom and IZDQ rank second in the "Data Management Products" peer group with a score of 7.8. "For the analysis, InfoZoom loads the data into an in-memory database by means of predefined interfaces," says Timm Grosser, Senior Analyst Data&Analytics at BARC and author of the survey. "The users can then quickly develop tasks and get results." The users rate humanIT's innovation power with 8.0. As a result, the survey ranks the company among the two leading providers in its peer group, which are both clearly ahead of comparable products.

Top Rankings for Performance and Functionality

The "Performance" KPI shows the rating of the solution regarding the performance for querying, loading, and processing. InfoZoom and IZDQ rank first in this category within their peer group with a value of 8.2. According to the survey, 88% of the respondents say the good performance motivated them to buy the product. The "Platform reliability" KPI reflects the reliability, stability, and operational safety of the platform. With one exception, InfoZoom and IZDQ are rated significantly better than the other solutions within the peer group of data management products.

With the "Functionality" KPI, users assess the capabilities and the functional scope of a solution. humanIT ranks first with a score of 10 here. "InfoZoom and IZDQ present themselves as a self-contained, sophisticated application for data analysis," says Timm Grosser. "The functions can intuitively be used for data exploration and data analysis as well as for the assessment of data quality." In order to harmonize master files, employees of the departments can directly change the data and view the effects of their actions on a screen which shows all dependencies.

Highest Score for Recommendation

The "Support quality" KPI shows the scope and availability of the support service of the provider. With a score of 9.4, humanIT also ranks very high in this category. The "Recommendation" KPI shows how many users recommend a product. InfoZoom and IZDQ have scored 95% here. "Only customers who are really satisfied recommend a product," state the BARC analysts. "InfoZoom and IZDQ have received the highest score within the data management products peer group and clearly stand out from comparable products."

For the "Product satisfaction" category, InfoZoom excels with a score of 8.7, which is almost twice as much as the second-ranked provider within the peer group, who scored 4.8. "Compared to the other valuations, the InfoZoom ratings are only logical,"says Timm Grosser. "The users very rarely state technical problems."

Stefan Dornseifer, CEO of humanIT Software GmbH, is very happy with the users' opinions expressed in the survey: "The good ratings show that our solutions live up to the customers' needs. InfoZoom provides project teams with a practical solution for daily data processing. The main success factor is the unique way of visualizing raw data from any upstream system in a function-oriented overview. This way, departments can immediately identify errors, gaps, correlations in content, or potentials of their data."

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InfoZoom has scored four top rankings in the BARC Data Management Survey 20 user survey within the "Data management products" peer group, positioning itself four times as a leader within this group, and was rated better than average in all KPIs.

About the BARC Data Management Survey 20

BARC conducted the data management survey between December 2019 and March 2020. A total of 782 people participated in the survey, 634 of which answered questions about the use of their product. Overall, the survey analyzes 12 products or product groups in detail. The extensive user survey examines the selection process and the use of data management products by means of 12 KPIs, for example, price-to-value, recommendation, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction. For more information, go to: https://bi-survey.com/data-management-software-comparison.